What we do

In professional translation, we must communicate the meaning of a source text into an equivalent target language text, ensuring the use of consistent terminology and style, and taking into account the distinct idiomatic, social and cultural aspects in the usage of the target language.

Websites are a priority in any company's strategy to target a new market and, therefore, literal or poor translations may damage its image and business prospects.

In software localisation, the application has to be adapted to the target market or locale. This includes elements such as the treatment of currency, dates, time, industry-specific terminology and cultural aspects. Also, the new interface must be tested to check that it operates correctly after translation.

Our language experts always translate into their mother tongue, and we provide them with glossaries containing technical terms and the client's brand product names and marketing specifics.    

We use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools in order to increase productivity, reduce time and costs while maintaining quality, optimise the management of terminology, ensure consistency throughout all the material, and keep the translation memory for reference in every software, website or document update.