Software localisation

Dotloc localises software for both Windows and Mac, ensuring the correct use of their distinct terminology and style.

We will extract, translate and review all text strings, error messages and other user interface content, resize dialog boxes and menu options, edit the image files, localise keyboard shortcuts, control keys and hot-keys and test the localised application so that the product is fully functional.

Online help and user guide localisation

Dotloc can process, translate and edit any web file format. We will manually create screenshots of the localised software and insert them in the help and manual pages; and translate and edit image files.

We always compare the text with the localised software to make sure it is consistent, and test that the website functions correctly. For user guides it is necessary to check the formatting and perform DTP and layout editing tasks.

Website and multimedia localisation

Dotloc are able to process, translate and edit any web file format, including flash, javascript and image files. We will also translate all the necessary links and test the new website or multimedia material to make sure the product is perfect, both linguistically and functionally.