Quality Assurance

In the language business the key to quality is a well-planned, controlled and optimised work process.

Dotloc carefully monitors every stage of the project, performs several quality checks during the process to enforce strict internal QA standards, and meets European guidelines that include the following steps:

  • Analysis of project viability and cost-effectiveness
  • Presentation of quotes and terms to client
  • Appointment of a qualified project manager and a specialised language lead
  • Setting of schedule and strategy
  • Processing of software, web, image and other digital files by a computer engineer
  • Selection of the appropriate computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool
  • Preparation of project specifications, style guides and procedures for all team members
  • Assignment of tasks to specialised native translators and other required professionals
  • Management of questions and answers and terminology
  • Translation review by a professional editor and supervised by the language lead
  • Compilation of translation memory and glossaries 
  • Careful monitoring of quality checklists
  • Desktop publishing, formatting of text and layout 
  • Regular reporting to client of project status and milestones met
  • Timely, right on budget, delivery to client
  • Post-project analysis to share feedback and promote best practice
  • Strict compliance with client privacy and product confidentiality agreements